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Who we are


Errant Phoenix LogoWhy the name "Errant Phoenix"?

Well, this company has gone though several rebirths since it's founding in 2010. It was originally founded under the name “Roseville City Production Dynamics” but after discovering an acronym's resemblance to a local police department, it was decided to change the name to The Alternative Arts Collective. At that time, TAAC moved from the Children’s Art Center in Royer Park to our beloved Blue Box Theatre off of Del Paso Blvd.

Sadly, in January 2014, a fire broke out at our Blue Box Theatre which uprooted the company and forced us to sit dormant for a year. After regrouping, we agreed to start again as a nomadic company until we could save enough to find a new space to call home. With fires and name changes, the mythical phoenix seemed like an appropriate mascot.

Why “errant”? The word mean “traveling in search of adventure.” The company members feel like this truly reflects our approach to this change in the company. We’re setting out on an adventure. We don’t know where it will take us, but we’re ready and excited for it!

Mission Statement

Errant Phoenix Productions provides a platform that supports, promotes, and empowers local visual and performing artists as they contribute to the cultural enrichment of the Sacramento region. As an arts hub, we encourage individual and collaborative artistic expression through unlimited mediums, giving new and veteran artists the opportunity to explore and refine their craft. We invite the community to join us in re-imagining our world through the power of art.

Errant Phoenix is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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