Accessories: A Compilation of In Her Shoes and Baggage

Written by Gloria Calderón Kellett
Directed by Elizabeth Dean
Produced by Errant Phoenix Productions

Accessories: A Compilation of In Her Shoes and Baggage is a series of female-driven monologues that contain touching stories accented with hilarious comedic moments. It’s a celebration of women and offers a view into the life and struggles of being a modern woman.

Gloria Calderón Kellett is an award-winning writer, who has worked on popular shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, and Devious Maids, and is the current Executive Producer and Co-showrunner of the Netflix original series reimagining of Norman Lear’s One Day at a Time. Netflix will be releasing Season 2 in late January. Recently, Gloria signed a deal with Sony Pictures TV to develop, write, produce, and direct projects for the network.

Director Elizabeth Dean said, “I’ve wanted to produce Accessories for years. The writing is smart, and effortless. The humor takes you by surprise. It’s a gem of a show that is very rarely produced.”

Tickets are $18 online and $20 at the doorPurchase your tickets here:

February 9,10, 16,17 @ 8PM - 11,18 @ 2PM

William J. Geery Theatre
2130 L Street, Sacramento, Calif.

The Goddess/The Brains: Hazel Stream
The Girlfriend/The Entrepreneur: Melissa Dixon
The Good Girl: Jenna Grossman
The Saint/The Oracle: Janine La Forge
The Teacher/The First Lady: Bethany Hidden
The Optimist/The Cynic: Katie Peters
The Bride/The Bully: Leah Finity
The Addict: Kelsey Williams
The Beauty Queen/The Mrs:
The Therapist/The Pain: Fay Grundel
The Pushover/The Sexaholic: Mallory Brodeur
The Mother: Sarah Diaz
The Realist/The Birthday Girl: Lucinda Otto
The Hunter/The Romantic: Brianne Hidden-Wise
The Sister: Shirley Sayers
The Thief: Kristine Walker
The Tree Hugger: Elizabeth Anne Springett
The Beauty Queen/The Mrs.: Gillian Tarkington